Est. 2015, we are quickly growing to become a large MSP & ISP serving Western Canada.

Our Core Team

Joel T. Baynton
President & COO

One of the founding officers of the company. Joel Baynton provides the direction and overall vision for the company. Having worked in almost every position within the company, Joel has a unique connection to the company overseeing the daily operations.

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Martin Larson

Martin guides the reins as CEO because of his vision and clarity. Seeing and executing strategic initiatives to grow the company reveal Martin's strength; He well knows the public relations side of his duties at Grid Force. His background is rooted in solid education, strong work ethic, and boundless vision.

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Bretton MacGregor
Chief Technology Officer

With his strong interest in all aspects of Technology, Bretton keeps the company up to date on the latest in the tech world. He is an avid learner and is eager to share his finds with our customers to ensure they have the best solutions for their businesses.

Peggy Cook
Chief Financial Officer

Mrs Cook leads everything finance in the corporation with great precision and expertise. She is extremely dedicated to her work, and ensures that the financial side of each project runs smoothly. Our staff looks up to and appreciates her abilities and professionalism.

Sarahlyn Grey
Marketing & Social Media

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